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Celebrating Science Week

3rd February 2023

This week at WGPPS we have been celebrating Science Week, and we have all been involved with a variety of scientific exploration. 

In FS1 the children have been thinking about how to care for the birds in winter, and so they made some bird feeders for our feathery friends. We also had the grand opening of our bird hide and the children have enjoyed using this. The children have also planted some peas this week, which they will be caring for inside until we plant them outside in our raised beds later in the year.

FS2 had their first adventure to Owl’s Den, over at QEGS Junior School. We explored the area, talked about safety rules and then began the activities. The children learned how birds keep in touch with each other by sounds they make. They then played 1-2-3 where a group hid, made a sound and were found. This helped the children understand the importance of keeping in touch by sound. The children went on a stick journey to enable them to help Percy the Park Keeper know what our den is like. The FS2 children then began to plant beans, which similarly will be planted in the raised beds outside.

For Year 1, Science Week started with a bang with a visit to Owl’s Den! The children behaved impeccably and thoroughly enjoyed learning about nature outside in the fresh air. We had a very special visit from Luna the dragon, who made friends with all the children! The Teach Rex company who brought Luna to school, showed them how to film using a green screen and make their own films using ‘Do ink’ and ‘ChatterPix’ kids Apps on the iPads and it has created a real buzz (and roar!) for the Dragon Dilemma topic. The children have been measuring leaves and learning about types of evergreen and deciduous trees. 

In Year 2, we had a fantastic trip on Monday to Ledston Estate where we worked outdoors identifying trees by their leaves, buds and branches. We also had a great time creating dens in groups demonstrating our team working skills and creativity. We even got to eat our lunch outside as it was a glorious and unseasonably warm day! We have enjoyed studying the story, The Tin Forest in literacy to link in with Science Week, using our inference skills to write character descriptions.

All children attended the Grand Opening of our own Bird Hide, complete with binoculars, books, check lists, identification sheets and many more cross-curricular activities. The excitement was HUGE. They are now constantly on the watch for different species of birds.

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