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Year 1 Had a Magical Visitor!

1st February 2023

We believe children deserve spectacular opportunities and memorable learning experiences, it’s at the core of what we do. Lessons were truly magical for Year 1 this week when TeachRex joined us with a bunch of very exciting visitors for a powerful day of exploration, teamwork and storytelling. 

Over the past few weeks Year 1 have been focusing on their ‘Dragon Dilemma’ topic, and this week they had been finding out about the legend of St George and the dragon and its importance to England. Hence, the children were blown away when they got to meet dragons in the flesh!

In the first workshop children were introduced to a giant magical book that included numerous stories of different dragons. After reading along with the stories, the children then met, interacted with and bonded with the dragon’s they had read about. The workshop asked several questions exploring different feelings and emotions that the dragons might have, and whilst reading one of the stories, the dragon’s appearance magically changed before the children’s eyes!

In the second workshop, the children used a greenscreen to transport them to the mountains, where long ago dragons roamed the world. This allowed the students to become a part of the stories that they were told earlier in the day, and give their best Oscar-winning performances.

The children had a wonderful time meeting all the different dragons the team had brought along! Although some were more scared than others, all of the children were extremely sad when the dragons had to go home back to the mountains at the end of the day.

Following the visit, children got to work creating amazing art pieces inspired by their dragon friends. Mrs Mayes class created spectacular clay dragon eyes. Similarly, Mrs Martin’s class imagined if they had their own dragon: what it would be called, what it would eat and what it would look like – they then created posters providing all of these details.




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