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Recommended Books – By Faye

22nd November 2022

Faye is absolutely enthralled with a book from Australia called ‘Koalas Eat Gum Leaves’ by Laura and Philip Bunting. Even though it’s Australian it seems to be available to buy on
Amazon in the UK, and we can’t recommend it enough. The story and illustrations are simplistic but charming, and packed with subtle details. It’s not bright and busy like other
young children’s books, which adds to its uniqueness. The story is about a koala who gets fed up with eating gum leaves all day long, so he ditcheshis healthy diet after a chance encounter with an ice cream van. It doesn’t end particularly well for the koala, who soon ends up with a tummy ache.

Faye just loves spotting all the different sorts of ice creams that the koala eats. She especially likes the picture of him getting brain freeze! The only drawback is that it pushes bedtime on, because Faye spends so long admiring the illustrations.

Faye says:

“I like it so much because it’s got ice creams and lollies in it.”

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