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9th November 2021

A little bear finds a very strange object in the forest that makes weird and wonderful sounds. At first, the bear isn’t sure what to do but eventually he learns to play the piano beautifully. His piano playing takes him to amazing places and he becomes a talented pianist. After travelling to lots of new places he misses his home and his friends and family and he returns home.

This story is all about perseverance and finding something you love to do. It is also about knowing that even when we are far away from our friends and family they still love us and will always be there when we need them.

How to extend the reading of the story – things to discuss:

The bear found playing the piano hard but he kept going. What are you finding hard at the moment?
How do you overcome this?
What do you dream of doing?

What makes you really happy?
Where in the world would you like to visit?

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