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Mulberry House Nursery

Pop...pop...popcorn! A rich learning experience... and yummy too!

Mulberry House Nursery have been making popcorn! And as much as this is a fun (and yummy) activity, it also provided a vast array of learning opportunities for the children, including:

Design Technology

The children designed their very own popcorn cone. They decorated a square of card and then were challenged to use their problem solving skills to work out how to roll it into a cone shape and then secure it.


The children had to count out three lots of 10 kernels (30 in total), counting from one – 10 and then exploring counting in multiples of ten. They also had lots of fun counting the popcorn as it shot out of the popcorn machine!


The children used their senses to explore the kernels before they went into the popcorn machine - small, yellow, hard and heavy; then made comparisons to when they came out of the popcorn machine – light, fluffy, warm and soft. They watched in amazement as the state of the kernels changed as they heated up.

Communication and Literacy

There were language rich opportunities as the children chatted to each other and their teacher Mrs Denton about the activity. They also wrote their own name on the cone they made.


The activity also offered many social aspects of learning too - taking turns with the machine, as well as the health and safety aspect of not touching the popcorn until it had cooled down.

It has to be said though, that the highlight of the activity was the fact the children got to eat the popcorn they had made, from their very own popcorn cone!

Who would have thought that making popcorn was such an educational experience!?

See the full photo gallery here.