Settling In

It is very important that the children quickly become settled and happy at Mulberry House Nursery and we endeavour to make their transition to us as smooth as possible.

Starting Nursery is an exciting time for children. For many it is the first transition from home to school and we want to ensure that your children feel happy and secure.

It takes time for children to get used to a new environment, to staff and to each other. Much of the first half term will be devoted to establishing a routine to build their sense of security and confidence. As the children gradually settle in they become much more independent

New Parents’ Evening

In the Summer Term, a New Parents' Evening is held. The purpose of the evening is to ensure that the parents have all the necessary information that they will need when their child starts our school.

They will also meet the Teachers and Teaching Assistants. Parents are given a Parents' Handbook which clearly outlines procedures and what is expected of them as a parent and what they can expect from us, the school. Children starting Nursery are given a Booklet ‘Welcome to Mulberry House Nursery'.

The children are also given welcoming leaflets. In return, parents are asked to indicate any relevant information that we should know – medical, dietary needs or anything else that may affect a child. Once the formal part of the evening is over, parents are invited to meet the Teachers and Teaching Assistants in the relevant classrooms to discuss more about their child starting in Nursery.

Afternoon Visit - Summer Term

Shortly after the New Parents' Evening, all children are invited to a transition (orientation) afternoon where they can get to know the Nursery environment, play with the activities and get a positive feel for where they will be spending the next year of their education. Parents, grandparents, nannies and childminders can attend too. They are made to feel most welcome and further questions can be asked and answered to allay any worries.

Afternoon Visit - Prior to Start of the Autumn Term

Just before the start of the Autumn Term, an afternoon is arranged so the children can have another orientation to the Nursery.

Key Facts

  • Parents are well-informed before their child starts at Mulberry House Nursery
  • Children come to Open Afternoons which help familiarise them with the Nursery Environment
  • All areas of a child's development are overseen by a specific Key Person
  • Establishing a daily routine builds children's sense of security and confidence