Understanding of the World

Children need to make sense of the world around them; things we take for granted are only done so by learning ourselves.

Children's learning is supported by offering opportunities for them to encounter creatures, people, plants and objects in their natural environments and in real-life situations. Children get to undertake practical experiments, use a range of tools safely and work with a range of materials.

Pupils are encouraged to explore and find out about their immediate and extended environment and develop an awareness of their own culture and beliefs and those of others. They also learn how to find out about the past and present events in their own life and of their close family members.

At Mulberry House Nursery the children experience a range of every day technology and learn to use ICT and programmable toys to support learning.

Many trips and visits help with the children's understanding of the world. We aim to involve the children in events that are taking place outside of school. For the 'Royal Wedding' we replicated a 'street party' in the playground to help the children celebrate such a memorable occasion. Other experiences include trips to local attractions.

The role play area regularly changes settings from a baby clinic to vet's surgery or to a home or may be a school classroom! The children learn about animals through interactive and real-life learning, They get to experience watching lots of wriggling tadpoles grow into frogs, duck eggs get incubated into fluffy ducklings and to meet the exotic animals brought into school each year when Natural History Presentations come to Nursery and WGHS Junior School.

Key Facts

  • Topics gently introduce children to the Sciences and Humanities
  • Religious Festivals are celebrated i.e Chinese New Year
  • Vegetables are grown in the Nursery garden
  • Trips and visits are eagerly anticipated and enrich Nursery life