Communication and Language

Nursery children are confident at communicating in a wide range of situations and are able to talk and respond to adults and their peers.

Boys and girls vocabulary is furthered every day. The very popular role play area - which regularly changes its theme - encourages communication skills.

Time spent together sharing news in groups is an important part of the Nursery Day. Not only offering peer friendships to flourish through the discrete carpet time groups, it also provides the opportunity for children to share any news with their friends. During this time, children also take part in phonic awareness activities, songs and rhymes and have the opportunity to play number games.

Every Christmas, all Nursery children take part in a nativity play. It is always delightful and this first taste of performance builds confidence and communication skills.

Mulberry House Nursery children are encouraged to develop their listening skills and have many opportunities to respond appropriately to simple instructions throughout the Nursery day as well as during music lessons, singing on the carpet and story time.

The children's daily routine encourages their ability to sustain concentration on chosen activities and directed or given activities. Regular breaks and free play, combined with more structured activities, helps to maintain their concentration and focus. 

Key Facts

  • Time spent together sharing news in groups is an important part of the Nursery Day
  • Children's vocabulary is constantly developing through carefully structured activities
  • Nursery children always like welcoming visitors..and always have plenty to tell them!
  • The Nursery Nativity builds confidence and communication skills