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Enterprise Fair 2023!

16th January 2023

This week in school we have been focusing on money with a very special Enterprise Project. This involved all children creating a plan for a product which they pitched to our very own Dragons (Mrs Gill and Mrs Butler).  

The children planned their presentations well and spoke clearly and confidently about what they wanted to create,  how they planned to make a profit and provided evidence of their calculations from their maths lessons.  We were very impressed and awarded  £10 investments which the children then used to produce their product and sell at our Enterprise Fair.  

Throughout the week the children created eye-catching posters using persuasive language to advertise their product and attract customers to their stall, and thought of creative ways to display their products. We had interesting discussions with the children about where money comes from, what you can buy with it, and whether they need to save it. We also debated about whether we needed an item or wanted it……

The Enterprise Fair was a fabulous showcase of talent:

Children in FS1 and FS2 baked chocolate crispy buns for their stall. This linked to their science lessons as they melted the chocolate solids into a (delicious) liquid. Admittedly, it was difficult for both the children and staff to resist the temptation to eat the buns whilst we were making them, but we needed to have enough products to sell to our customers!

Year 1 children made a variety of different products ranging from friendship bracelets, dream catchers, clay hearts, peppermint creams and magnetic photo holders. Most of the stock sold out, so it was an overwhelming success for Year 1 entrepreneurs.

Year 2 children made keyrings and bookmarks – some designed like minions, some with inspiring quotes about reading, some with the Harry Potter Houses. We must remember for next year’s Enterprise Fair, the bookmarks were extremely popular and made £20.50 profit! Well done Year 2 for your beautifully designed products.

We all had a great fun day buying and selling, with the children continuing their recognition of coins. At the end of the afternoon the children had to close their stall and cash up! With diligence and patience, the children worked together and counted all of the coins they had earned, and then they worked out how much profit they had made!

At the end of the week, following the great success of the Enterprise Fair, the children were eager to organise a future event where they would sell products and make a profit for a charity. 

Mrs E Gill


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