Nick & Tom Watkins

Co-Founders of Mighty Pea M.LK | Class of 2004

Old Savilians Tom and Nick Watkins are two brothers from Yorkshire and are the mighty founders of Mighty Pea They both suffer from an intolerance to dairy but often found alternatives to be lacking in either nutrition, taste or functionality – so they decided the dairy alternative category was ready for disrupting and quit their jobs to start making Pea!

After a fair amount of research, Tom and Nick found that the humble yellow split pea packed huge amounts of protein, as well as other healthy bits and bobs, and was much more sustainable than other plant-based alternatives. So, they set about cooking up the very first batches of Mighty Pea Since then, they have gone from strength to strength and soon their M.lks will be found in 5,000 stores and 12 different countries across the UK, EU and Asia. They have a load of super exciting plans for taking their Mighty to the next level, never forgetting their ultimate goal to produce the tastiest, healthiest and most sustainable they can.