Year 5 Explore Victorian Britain: A Journey Through Time

25th April 2024

The Year 5 pupils at QEGS embarked on an immersive journey into the past, exploring the fascinating era of Victorian Britain. The students began their historical adventure by stepping into a recreated Victorian classroom, where they experienced first-hand the strict discipline and traditional teaching methods of the time. This unique setup allowed them to understand the daily life and expectations of Victorian students.

The journey continued with a visit to a Victorian mill, where the boys saw the harsh working conditions that children faced during the Industrial Revolution. They learned about the long hours, hazardous machinery, and minimal safety measures that defined life in these mills. Through role play and interactive activities, the pupils gained a deeper appreciation for this significant period in history.

The Year 5 students returned to school with a newfound understanding of Victorian Britain, its social dynamics, and the impact of the Industrial Revolution. It was an enriching experience that combined education with a touch of time travel. They were eager to share their stories with classmates and family, reflecting on the challenges and achievements of the Victorian era.

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