Cameron, Y5, wins JS Bake Off

8th February 2024

In the third and final round, which was the most difficult, the boys had to bake Red Velvet Brownies (brownies which had a cream cheese swirl inside), and if this wasn’t enough of a challenge, they also had to ice their brownies.

Each round was judged by our guest judges from Holroyd Howe, our school catering company, John, Tash and Paula.  None of the judges were allowed to know whose bakes were whose, so the bakes were ranked on appearance, taste and texture,  mirroring how the technical round in the TV series is judged.  


Interestly each round produced a different rank order from the judges.  After collating the results from each round, the results were in.

In first place, representing Savile (100 House merits to Savile) was Cameron. 

In joint second place, representing Freeston (60 House merits) and Cave, Leo and Damon respectively.

In third place by a tiny margin, representing Bentley (30 House merits) was Max.

Well done boys, I hope you had fun.

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