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Junior Section Masterchef Finale: A Culinary Showdown of Flavours and Stories

6th June 2023

In a thrilling display of culinary expertise, our junior section recently held its highly anticipated Masterchef final. Four talented young chefs, Harry, Luke, Oscar, and Rudi, represented their respective houses in a battle of taste and creativity. This year’s theme, ‘Food with a story or hi’story,’ challenged the contestants to prepare dishes that showcased the rich narratives behind their chosen recipes.

The competition was fierce as Harry wowed the judges with his flavourful rendition of Coronation Chicken, a dish steeped in royal history.

Oscar showcased his creativity with ‘King Charles’ Baked Eggs’, a tribute to our new monarch.

Luke showcased his skills with a Mushroom Risotto, perfectly paired with succulent organic lamb.

Rudi presented an authentic taste of South Africa with his Bunny Chow, a dish that originated during the country’s vibrant history.

The standard of food was exceptional, leaving our guest judges, Dr. Brookes and Mr. Thompson, with the unenviable task of selecting a winner. Each dish brought its unique blend of flavors and a captivating narrative.

Ultimately, it was Rudi’s tantalising Bunny Chow that secured him the coveted Masterchef crown for 2023.

We applaud all the contestants for their culinary skills, creativity, and dedication. The Masterchef competition not only showcased their talent but also allowed them to delve into the stories and histories behind the dishes they prepared. It was a true celebration of gastronomy and culture.

Congratulations to Rudi for his well-deserved victory and to all the participants for their remarkable culinary achievements. We are incredibly proud of their culinary journey and look forward to more delectable adventures in the kitchen.

Bon appétit!

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