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Year 6 Entrepreneurs take on the Fiver Challenge

26th January 2022

Our Year 6 boys recently had the exciting opportunity to become entrepreneurs and businessmen! The challenge, which is outlined below, gave the boys an opportunity to develop key skills they will need throughout their time in education and in the wonderful world of work. Skills such as creativity, communication (written and verbal), planning and organisation, teamwork, problem solving and commercial awareness.

The ‘Fiver Challenge’ is a programme designed to bring the business world to life for our Year 6 boys at QEGS. In groups, the boys have been given £5 to get their business ideas off the ground during the two weeks of the challenge, aiming to make as much profit as they can. Here’s how…

1. Pupils work together to decide what product or service they’ll invest their fivers in.

2. Teams will need to source materials or products, prepare sales pitches, and plan selling events.

3. Pupils get their product or service ready and prepare for their selling event.

4. At the end of the Challenge, pupils repay their £5 pledges and decide who they will donate their profit to.

Last week, boys pitched their business ideas to a panel…very much like the Apprentice!

Which boys came up with the most appealing business idea? 

Which group will have the most successful selling technique? 

Which group will make the most profit? 

We will find this out when the profits are tallied up.

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