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Ethos of the Department

The department seeks to give the students a varied pedagogical teaching style, benefiting from the contemporary and ever changing nature of the subject. We teach both girls and boys at the Sixth Form and therefore we have to deliver a variety of interesting and topical lessons, utilising a range of strategies. We believe it is imperative that we engender all our students with a real passion for the subject, which is eminently accessible to them and promote a strong sense of independence in their study.

Areas we develop:

  • Use of magazine and newspaper articles in most lessons to stimulate debate and for use in essays
  • Use of political cartoons to give a more satirical approach
  • Live streaming of important political events e.g. resignation of a minister or Prime Minister’s Questions
  • Promote debate both formally through structured senate debate style and informally amongst the students
  • Give the students a freedom in their work to promote independence

Teaching Staff

Mr S Davies (Head of Department)
Mr A Rees 
Mr D Binney

Key Facts

  • The Department has a room, equipped with projector, interactive whiteboard and audio-equipment
  • Own extensive library of written and audio-visual materials, and online subscription to Politics Review
  • An extensive programme of educational enrichment through educational visits and guest speakers
  • Recent visits include to Westminster Hall for a Sixth Form Conference and a tour of Number 10 Downing Street
  • Key examination expertise offerred through staff having a wide range of experience as external examiners at A-Level