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Welcome to the QEGS Senior School Parents' Association

The Parents Association (PA) aims to put to large cherry onto the QEGS cake.  We do this by bringing parents and boys together for social and fundraising events.  Whatever your sons interests we hope to enrich his time at QEGS by supporting the range of QED activities, extra curricular clubs or any new event the school proposes.

If you would like to join the PA or volunteer at any of our events please download the ‘Volunteer Form. Listed under related information.

PA Spending 2018

Thanks to reserves we have built up, we have been able to support the school extensively this year.

Further equipment has been acquired for those undertaking the Duke of Edinburgh awards and VEX Robotics QED streams to acquire much need equipment.

VEX Robotics has been a very popular and successful QED which has been running since the start of the programme. It allows students to design and build a sophisticated robot to then take part in regional, national and even international competitions. QEGS has hosted its own events (2016 and 2018) which have been incredibly successful, attracting teams from all over the north of England and this year two teams from Istanbul. The event was a great marketing opportunity for the school and showed the range of extra curricular activities on show in the foundation. QEGS has had two competing robots in regional and national competitions in recent years and would hope to continue this going forward. The competition teams are usually made up of 4 pupils between Y11 and Y13. Each year we have been successful, winning a number of regional qualifiers, and therefore qualifying teams, to the national final.

We have also enabled the Photography QED to add to their range of camera equipment.

A group of sixth form students have taken part in a national investment competition. Whilst they had a promising start to the competition their investments suffered with the turmoil of the stock exchange earlier this year. Hopefully, both they and the new team started this year jointly with WGHS will be more successful this year. Read the report here.

Upcoming Events

Friday 25 January 2019 - Quiz Night

Recent Events

Quiz Night

As soon as I entered the QE Hall I saw tables full of people all ready to start the quiz. One of them full of teachers! I kept my spirits high and sat at my table with my Team ready for the quiz to begin. Unfortunately after round 2 a win still seemed very unlikely for my team and once the scores were shown, we were indeed firmly rooted in the bottom half of the table. Thankfully it was time for supper. Toby

With the pie and peas devoured my team took their seats at the table once again. With the first few rounds of the quiz being aimed more at the grownups, I was hoping that in this round I could be a bit more useful. Then, to my surprise a sheet with Mister Men and a map of England sat before us. Now, not to boast, but last year I did well in my England's counties test, and I had the full set of Mister Men books when I was younger. So I proudly took the sheet and wrote all the answers in. By the end of the round we had moved from second to last, to mid table. So at the end of the night, even without a box of chocolates or of course, bragging rights I still had great fun, and something to be proud of. Max

I`d been looking forward to quiz night, and especially the pie and peas, but sadly on the night we were 2 members down as my grandad had had to have an operation on his eye that afternoon. We decided to go anyway as even with the three of us we knew we would still have fun. As it happened another team had too many members so we joined forces with them. As the night went on I was really pleased with myself as I managed to answer a few questions that no one else on our team knew the answers to, either because we`d studied it in school or I`d seen it on Top Gear! Mr Lambert`s cryptic clues also helped us with a few of the answers too. We devoured the meat and potato pie and then carried on with the quiz. As the night went on our team was top of the leader board and that was where we stayed! `We googled it` were victorious and I got to take the trophy home. William

New Parents' Cream Tea

Towards the end of the Summer term QEGS invites all the boys who will be starting in September into school to meet their classmates and Form Teachers.

As this can also be an anxious time for parents, when they come to collect their boys everyone can join us for a Cream Tea.

The boys meet Mrs Allen in the cookery rooms after lunch and begin baking.  This year we produced nearly 90 scones, with or without cream and jam.  There is always a little taste testing before we serve them in Reception and as in previous years, the scones were scrumptious.

This event is a wonderful way to, albeit briefly, meet other new boys, parents, staff and members of the Parents Association.

The QEGS PA have kindly supported...

  • QED activities to the tune of £8000
  • The green Power electric go cart £700
  • Hammocks for Deffa woods £260
  • Year 12 Sixth Form ties