Welcome from Mr Craig

QEGS has been educating boys for well over 400 years. Woven into its unique DNA are the twin strands of academic excellence and extra-curricular opportunity.

Above all, we offer a boy-friendly environment where lessons are characteristically energetic, challenging and fun; where teachers genuinely enjoy working with boys and understand implicitly what makes them tick; where there is so much going on outside the classroom that everyone can find something they can excel at whether that be a scrum half, jazz saxophonist or mountaineer!

You will find a vibrant school feted by the Independent School Inspectorate. We enjoy first-rate facilities but also that crucial ability to tailor our teaching and pastoral care to squeeze every last drop of potential out of each and every individual. Boys can occasionally get it wrong – they lose things, procrastinate and occasionally struggle to tuck their shirts in!

However, as one of the top boys’ schools in the country, we hope to provide that educational alchemy which taps into the core strengths of boys – their innate sense of fair play, their sense of humour and their sheer determination to succeed.

D N Craig MA MEd

Key Facts

  • QEGS is a selective school of around 720 students
  • The offer of a place is subject to entrance requirements being met
  • The majority of boys join QEGS at 11+ (Year 7) or at 16+ (Sixth Form)
  • Boys can also join the school at Year 8 and Year 9, and also at the start of Year 10
  • The school is a member of the Headmasters' and Headmistresses' Conference (HMC)