Nathesh Raises Cash for Charity

Well done to QEGLET Nathesh, who has been fundraising for Ceylon Cricket Foundation.

Here’s Nathesh’s story...

Hello everyone!
I’m Nathesh Nanthakumar. I love playing football and cricket. As it’s my birthday month, I have decided to celebrate my birthday a little bit different than before.

“Sport has the power to change the world", Nelson Mandela said.

Keeping this quote in mind, I’m taking a little step on my birthday month to change someone’s life who is same/similar age to mine to hold and play with a proper bat, ball, shoes, gloves to play cricket and make their dreams come true.

Therefore I have decided to do a charity run/walk for 50km in September to raise some money to support two rural schools in Sri Lanka (North and South) who are less able to prosper and persuade their dreams, abilities and talents due to inadequate equipments. I would like to support these two schools through Ceylon Cricket Foundation where I began my cricket journey.

I would be so grateful if my family and friends could donate as little as you can to make their dreams come true. Thank you so much for all your support!

To help Nathesh on his fundraising mission, please use the JustGiving link.