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Queen Elizabeth Grammar School

House System

Every boy takes great pride in belonging to one of the four school Houses throughout their Centenary House and Junior School career.

The Houses - Bentley, Cave, Freeston and Savile are named after founding families of QEGS. The House System provides a focus for boys’ energies on the sports field, in the classroom and in many other aspects of school life.

Competitions are held for: Athletics, Chess, Cricket, Cross Country, General Knowledge, Music, Rugby, Soccer and Swimming.

Key Facts

  • Boys belong to the same House during their time in the Junior School
  • Each House has its own colour - Bentley (Yellow), Cave (Green), Freeston (Blue) and Savile (Red)
  • The house system is used to promote competition, teamwork and leadership
  • Boys show a great sense of pride and belonging to their House