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School Council

The School Council represents the pupils in the school and boys may bring concerns and ideas forward to the School Council for discussion.

Each September every class votes one boy on to the School Council from Year 2 to 6. Boys wanting to take on this important role need to be sensible, articulate and willing to put some of their own time into this role. The boys who are voted for then represent their class peers for the academic year.

The School Council meets every half term, focusing on a number of initiatives which impact the school community. The elected members attend meetings with Mr Stephenson with the agenda's set either by the Head or the boys themselves. Boys can approach the School Council representatives any time to highlight items that they wish to be discussed in the meetings and they also discuss matters brought to them by the Senior Leadership Team and can then feed them back to their class. At the end of the meeting the Year 2 representatives arrange a meeting and feedback the minutes to Mrs Butler at Centenary House whilst the Year 6 representatives do the same with Mrs Gray at the Junior School. Topics of discussion can vary hugely. Topics that have been raised recently include litter, a new bike shed, healthy eating, clubs and recycling. The School Council also makes recommendations on which charities the boys would like to support during the Academic Year.

The November 2015 ISI Inspection Report also referred to the work of The School Council; 

'The excellent relationship between pupils and staff creates opportunities for open dialogue, ensuring that the pupils' opinions are heard. Pupils also make their views known through the well-structured school council and in the many suggestion boxes around the school. For example, pupils were actively involved in the design of the renovation of the buildings and in a new lunch menu, showing the value that the school places on their opinions.'  

The School Council holds an important place in the school and the topics that are discussed are relevant to the boys with fantastic ideas coming from each meeting.

2015/2016 School Council

Rohan Mathews (6C)

George Sawyer (6G)

Jude McCann (6L)

Abhinav Vutla (5C)
Social Officer

Matthew Hunter (5M)
Welfare Officer

Zach Hussain (5R)
Sports Officer

Sam McKenzie (4S)

Daniel Preston (4C)

Chester Lomas (4B)

Year 3 Officers

Marcus English (3H)
James Maddison (3H)

Tommy Crewe (3D)
Jayden Kalambay (3D)

Alfie Brammah (3P)
Euan Hart (3P)

Edward Pratt (3R)
Joe McCann (3R)

Year 2 Officers

Daniel Green (2M)
George Love (2M)
Noah Tordoff (2M)

Beau Mattison-Smith (2T)
Benjamin Smith (2T)
George Wightman (2T)

Key Facts

  • The ideas and efforts of the School Council contribute much to the school community
  • The School Council encourages pupils to converse with pupils of all ages
  • Pupils develop the skills to voice concerns with members of authority
  • Joint meetings are held periodically with the WGHS Junior School Council to share ideas