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Queen Elizabeth Grammar School

Activities for All

QEGS Junior School has an excellent and wide ranging programme of well-planned extra-curricular activities.

Clubs held at lunchtime and after school range from drama to science and gardening to screwdriver club. They are heavily supported and make an effective impact on boys’ learning.

The following is a list of the many clubs and activities on offer, designed to excite and engage boys during their time in QEGS Junior School.

Art Club, Athletics Club, Brass Group, Coding Club, Cookery Club, Chess Tutoring, Construction Club, Cricket Squads, Drama Club, DT Club, Eco/Science Club, Fencing Club, First Aid Club, Food Club, Football Club,Forest School, Gardening Club, Golf Cadets, Guitar Ensemble, Hockey League, ICT Club, Jazz Ensemble, Junior School Choir, Kwik Cricket, Lower School Choir, Martial Arts Club, Maths in Art Club, Mini Genius Squad, QE Genius Squad, Orienteering Club, Orchestra, Rugby Squads, School Council, Stitch Up Club, Story and Role Play Club,Swimming Squads,Tag Rugby,Tennis Club,Theory Class,Year 2 Choir and Year 6 Indoor Games.

Key Facts

  • Centenary House has adventure playground which classes enjoy on a rota basis
  • Clubs and activities for the younger boys in Centenary House mainly take place at lunchtime
  • At break times boys in Years 3 to 6 can either play in the main playground or in the Millennium Garden
  • The Millennuim Garden has seating, a sandpit and an outdoor chess set
  • The Centenary House playground is a paradise for little boys with a football pitch and ride-on bikes