We're proud to be supported by two of the oldest former pupil associations in the UK. 

Over 11,500 men and women of all ages are members of our alumni associations.

In Touch – The Old Girls Association

In Touch is the new name for the Wakefield Girls’ High School Old Girls Association.   It was Founded in 1895 and promotes the fellowship and welfare of former pupils of the High School.

Its motto, “Once a High School Girl, Always a High School Girl” reflects its inclusive membership of every former pupil of the school.


The Old Savilians Club

The Old Savilians Club is the Old Boys Association of Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Wakefield. The Club was founded in 1898 to promote the fellowship and well being of former pupils of Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Wakefield and takes its name in honour of the schools’ founding benefactors. As well as former pupils, present and former members of the school’s Staff and Governing body and Clerks to the Governors are eligible for membership.Throughout its existence the Club has remained remarkably faithful to its original objectives and even to the means by which they can be promoted. Those objectives are to promote good fellowship of all Old Savilians, to strengthen the links between past and present, and to promote the interests of the School and its alumni.