To our Foundation Ambassadors

Thank you. 

The way you give our schools your wholehearted support is truly inspiring.

Wakefield Grammar School Foundation, Queen Elizabeth Grammar School and Wakefield Girls’ High School, would like to thank the many hundreds of people who have supported us since we ran our first appeal in 1717. By making a gift, you will join the illustrious group of supporters who ensure that our schools are around to provide exceptional education for future generations.

These are our Foundation Ambassadors; the alumni, parents and friends who have given us their wholehearted support, by kindly making a gift.  Financial gifts of any size are greatly appreciated and continue to help us provide a first-class education, outstanding facilities and the best opportunities and outcomes for our students.


Our Foundation Ambassadors

Julia Bradshaw & Patrick Addinall

Ms Melissa Addy

Dr Katherine Adler

Mr Vinaykumar Ahir

Mr William Asquith

Mr Donald Beardshall

Mr Andrew Beales

Mrs Helen Bennett (nee Clark)

Mr & Mrs N Best

Mr Paul Blakeborough

Mr Roger Blakemore

Julia Bradshaw & Patrick Addinall

Mr Jonathan Brain

Dr Tim Brears

Mr David Brindley

Mrs Bronwyn Broadhurst

Ms Judith Brown

Mr Samuel Butterworth

Ms Joanna Carlisle

Dr Michael Cheesbrough

Ms Stephanie Chui

Miss Mildred Clark

Mrs Jane Clarke

Mrs Margaret Clayson

Ms Penelope Cliffe

Ms Lisa Colledge

Mrs Geraldine Collie

Dr Richard Coppack

Ms Elizabeth Corney

Mrs Pat Craven

Mrs K Crockford

Mr J P Crompton

Dr Anna Crossley

Ms Heather Danyluk

Mr Robert Davidson

Mr David Elliston

Captain & Mrs G English

Mrs Claire Fairclough

Mrs Catherine Featherstone

Mr & Mrs Fergusson

Ms Louise Foster

Mr & Mrs G Gilfeather

Mr Simon Godley

Mr Malcolm Golightly

Mrs Caroline Gorton

Mr Nigel Gray

Mrs Joan Guénault

Mr Rajiv Gupta

Mr Geoffrey Haigh

Mr Phillip Hodson

Mrs Ann Holmes

Ms Patricia Howarth

Ms Heather Hughes

Ms Barbara Hunt

Mr Andrew Hunt

Ms Georgina Hyde

Mr & Mrs S Ingram

Dr Meena Jain

Mrs Janine Johnson

Mr Christopher Jones

Mr David Keighley

Mr Christopher Knowles

Mr & Mrs Krasniqi

Mrs Pat Langham

Ms Katrina Law

Mrs Claire Lawrence

Mr Simon Leach

Mr & Mrs Longo

Mr lain MacDonald

Mrs Amanada Mackenzie

Mr John McLeod

Mrs Laura McNeillie

Mr Steven McTiernan

Mr Christopher Millington

Mr Ian Minards

Mr Alastair Morris

Mr & Mrs Nakuti

Mr & Mrs J Nutton

Louise O’Hare

Mr Paul Oakley

Mr & Mrs R Oba

strong>Mrs Mary Oldham

Mrs Barbara Panton

Mr Wayne Parkinson

Ms Natalie Petyt

Ms Jean Piper


Mr Srikanth Rajgopal

Miss Louise Reeve

Mr Richard Roberts

Ms Jill Roe

Mr Sarwjit Sambhi

Dr Santhalingham &

Dr Manoharan

Mrs Nicola Sephton

Ms Shuchi Shah

Mr Michael Shaw

Dr James Shawcross

Mr John Shirtliff

Mr Geoffrey Skenfield

Ms Helen Slinger

Ms Rosalind Stead

Mr Paul Thomas Sykes

Ms Chantal Szymanska

Ms Ruth Tetley

Ms Alison Tetley

Mr & Mrs Thompson

Mr John Thorp

Mr Chritopher Toone

Mr & Mrs D Towler

Ms Leah Tsirigotis

Mr Michael Varley

Mr P Way

Mr Timothy Welton

Mrs Shirley Wigglesworth

Mr James Wild

William Lamb Group Ltd

Mrs B Wirtz

Mr D J Woodhead

Mrs Glenys Woods

Ms Anna Woolley

Ms Cath Worsley

Mr & Mrs E Young

Mr Peter Young

We would also like to thank the many dedicated alumni who gift their time by sharing their expertise as part of our ‘Giving Back’ programme. We are truly grateful for your generous contributions and the way you enrich our students’ knowledge and support our wider School community.