Success at Annual Rotary Technology Tournament:

What a challenge at yesterday's Annual Rotary Technology Tournament - design and construct a vehicle to travel up a slope by converting the gravitational potential energy of a 200gm weight into kinetic energy ! Plus, add in greater complexity for the intermediate and advanced level teams !!

Wakefield Girls' High School and QEGs were up for the challenge with 6 teams entering in total, the most advanced of which was an all-girl team.

  • 3 teams entered in the foundation (Year 8 pupils) category
  • 2 teams entered in the intermediate category (Year 10 pupils)
  • 1 all girl team entered in the advanced (Year 12 pupils)

Well done to all our participants and congratulations on your first place trophies in your category Year 8 Team Lucy, Alice, Oliver and Kieran and Year 10 Intermediate Team Maja, Nell, Zack, and Maximilian The advanced team consisting of Anna, Rosalind, Brooke, and Ebony Hempsell placed 2nd in their category. Fabulous results.

The event aims to encourage the use and development of enterprise skills of young people. These are needed throughout their life for personal development and very importantly to the UK economy. Challenges posed by The Annual Rotary Technology Tournament are unknown, based on real life issues. Teams have to solve a practical problem requiring them to work together to design, develop, build and test a model from the limited resources supplied by on the day.

The results are assessed by a small panel of Rotarians and Industrialists with suitable backgrounds, who help to steer the teams by asking pointed questions.

Each year, the feedback from the teams is excellent, that they learned and they enjoyed the day. We're looking forward to the 2021 challenge!