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Sotterley Ross Student Union Team

We are proud to have our very first Sotterley Ross Student Union Team (SRSU). This is a brand new initiative launched to the girls in September.

This morning the democratically elected committee presented to the whole school in assembly, introducing themselves and their vision of the future.

Mrs Oliver explained why the girls want to start a Students Union at WGHS and that they are in the process of affiliating the SRSU with the NUS so that our girls can add their voices to the 7 million students who already belong to that national student body.

The ideals of the NUS mirror the ethos and beliefs found in WGHS. We also champion students to shape the future of education and so create a better world. We know that young people are the hope for the future.

We want to empower our girls to drive change, promote, defend and extend human rights, to fight discrimination, isolation and injustice.

Having democratically elected the committee with 84% turnout for the elections, their first major task, after appointing relevant sub committees, is to draw up their own legally binding official constitution – a task unlike any they will have done before and a legacy that will last for many years to come.

We want our Sixth Formers to have a real role to play in how they want their Sixth Form to be and to take lead in ensuring it remains an environment that is kind, safe, inclusive and of course, fun to belong to.

We want them to acquire leadership but also democratic skills, which will last throughout their lives, whatever route they choose to take after school.
We want them to be creative and cooperative and to be ready to take the next step towards an independent post school existence.
We want to do all this because we believe in our girls.

But best of all, is just how much our Sixth Form girls want all those things too!

Here are the new SRSU Team:

The President and Vice President: Anshini and Loretta

  • Represent the views and interests of the Sixth Form.
  • Implement and co-ordinate the constitution.
  • Work with the rest of the officers to uphold the values of the Union.

The Treasurers: Hannah and Nikhita

  • Create a forum within the Sixth Form to allow everyone to have a voice on where to spend the money.
  • Handle the finances and help the other officers with budgets.
  • Ensure the money is spent wisely.

Charity Officer: Izzy

  • Represent the SRSU working with charities.
  • Publicise charity events.
  • Create strong relationships with charities.

Disabled Students Officer: Hana

  • Provide a focal point for student welfare.
  • Publicise all welfare related information for all students.

Enviromental & Ethics Officer: Sangeeta

  • Maintain and extend appropriate schemes within the school.
  • Complete a report for the SRSU's enviromental status.

LGBTQ+ Officer: Louisa

  • Provide a focal point for all student welfare in school.
  • Act as a signpost for all LGBT+ related welfare.
  • Publicise all LGBT+ information and welfare into the school.

Education is all about what happens in the present creating a brighter future. A comment made after the Hustings sums up the effect of the SRSU:

‘It makes me truly hopeful for the future, that there are girls like these heading out into the world!’