The Sixth Form at WGHS

Sixth Form provides all students with a working environment in which they can achieve their very best, both in terms of academic achievement and personal development.

We develop and celebrate students of all abilities in an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding. We prepare them to face the world as responsible, self-motivated, independent and caring citizens; young women who can confidently take their place in whatever role they choose.

Post-16 education is an important stage in instilling an expectation of life-long learning. Sixth Form encourages a love of learning for its own sake as well as for measurable academic achievement.

Girls are encouraged to contribute to their immediate community and to play a wider role in society. We place great emphasis on leading whole-school charitable initiatives and our students typically take on a variety of volunteering activities.

Students are expected to extend learning beyond the classroom and we have forums, including the Hepworth Lectures, to enable them to demonstrate this.

We support each individual student in making important decisions about their future, encouraging independence, self-reflection and aspiration, to ensure that every student moves successfully towards her goal.

Although our students have chosen to take advantage of the benefits of studying in an all-female environment, there is also the opportunity to have joint lessons with boys from QEGS in certain subjects.

What makes our Sixth Form different is that it is not a stand-alone entity. Whilst girls enjoy the privilege of their own Sixth Form Centre, with café and study areas, and establish their own identity through wearing business dress (rather than school uniform), Sixth Form is very much part of the whole school community.

Key Facts

  • WGHS strives towards nurturing students to be talented, resourceful and confident individuals
  • A wide range of A-Level subjects are available to study
  • There is the option to study subjects taught jointly with QEGS