Girls are strongly encouraged to think about the wider world and particularly about those less fortunate than themselves.

Charity work has always formed a core part of the WGHS community.

Encouraging the girls to use their ingenuity and energy to raise funds for charities has always been a tradition of the school, and the girls areproud of the contribution they make to local, national and international charities.

The Charities Committee (represented by each form) provides opportunities for girls to actively take part in the social, moral, spiritual and cultural part of their education.

There is an established programme of charity events in the school calendar. In addition, groups of girls, from across the year groups, seek opportunities to arrange ad hoc charity events such as dance shows, bun sales, raffles, ‘movie lunchtimes’ and other fun initiatives.

The annual charity programme culminates with the showcase Foundation Charity Fayre ‘Raise for Life’ event, which, organised and led by a senior student committee from WGHS and QEGS, raises significant amounts for the Teenage Cancer Trust and Cancer Research UK.

Key Facts

  • For the Academic Year 2016/17- £20,792.09
  • The Charities Committee drives fundraising activities during the year
  • Each form is represented on the Charities Committee