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Learning Enrichment

Ethos of the Department

The Department will use tracking data to identify, monitor and support in order to ensure that all girls are provided with opportunities for stretch and challenge, enabling them to recognise and work to their strengths and fulfil their potential.

The Department recognises that some girls will display significantly advanced and consistently high ability across a range of subjects and aims to ensure that they are adequately provided with opportunities to extend their learning, beyond the curriculum where necessary. The Department, in cooperation with Heads of Department and subject staff, will ensure that proper differentiation is provided for in the classroom to accommodate these learners, taking into account higher order thinking skills and providing opportunities to synthesise learning in ways that are innovative and creative.

The Department also recognises that other students will, at different times, display notably advanced ability in one subject area or skill. These students also need to be provided with enough opportunity to explore their potential and to encourage their talents both inside and outside of the classroom. The Enrichment Programme, together with the established extra-curricular activities, will support and foster the abilities of these and all students.

At Sixth Form level, The Enrichment Programme has two mutually compatible routes.

The Barbara Hepworth Lecture Series

Girls will be required to sign up for a minimum of three lectures per term from The Barbara Hepworth Lecture Series, which features visiting speakers from a wide variety of fields and aims to connect girls’ learning to the social, cultural, political and technological forces that are shaping the world around them, and to introduce advanced concepts and ideas that will place curriculum subjects into the broadest possible context.

As part of a single-sex specialist school, The Department is acutely aware of the specific gender issues that relate to identifying and nurturing talents in girls. The Department seeks, in cooperation with the Pastoral Team, Heads of Year and Heads of Department, to ensure that all girls have the confidence to recognise their potential, to provide the emotional support that is needed in order to raise achievement, to promote the benefits of intellectual risk-taking and to enable them to overcome fear of failure, in order to foster more reflective, resilient, successful and, ultimately, happier students.

Governors' Essay Prize

This is the first time that the Governors will award a prize for the best essay by a girl in WGHS. The Prize aims to encourage essay writing as a form of exploring ideas and challenging conventional thinking on a range of issues. Essays will be judged on their ability to be fluent, imaginative, thoroughly researched and well argued.

The top prize will be £100 and will be awarded on Speech Day.

There will also be a £50 prize for the best essay in each of the other age groups, and a £25 pound prize for the runner up in each category.

Teaching Staff

Mr D Sheehan (Learning Enrichment Co-ordinator)

Key Facts

  • Provides girls with opportunities to stretch and challenge
  • Opportunities to extend learning beyond the curriculum
  • Extension Classes help provide a bridge between Sixth Form and University study
  • One period per week set aside for Extension Study during the Autumn and Spring Terms
  • The Barbara Hepworth Lecture Series welcomes speakers from a wide variety of fields
  • Department recognises and addresses specifically the gender needs of girls
  • New Governors' Essay Prize - exploring ideas and challenging conventional thinking