Secret Messages & Code-Breaking Experience Day

Friday 26th March 2021 - we're going virtual !

Take on the role of a special agent, on the trail of a band of villains. On the way, you'll get to know more about Wakefield Girls virtually as you find secret messages that are hidden in codes. These might appear to be ordinary text, written in strange symbols or buried in photographs. Using your maths and computer science skills, you'll crack the secrets and foil the criminals' plans! 

Who is the experience for?

The experience is for Year 5 girls who enjoy working with numbers, love to solve puzzles and would like to know more about computers.

What will you get from the experience?

On our virtual experience you'll get a glimpse of a secret world of codebreaking. Working with pen and paper, our Maths and Computing specialists will give you hands-on experience of several techniques - some dating back thousands of years and some that are used by hackers today. You'll see how secrets can be hidden in plain sight, and how to send messages that only your friends can understand. But promise that you'll only use your new powers for good!


Our virtual experience will be emailed to you on the day. Available online from 26 March 2021 for one week, at your convenience from home.

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