FAQs about the Entrance Examination

Our 11+ Entrance Exam for entry September 2021 takes place on Wednesday 27th January, starting at 1.30pm.

This year our assessment will be held virtually and include a Maths and Creative Writing paper via Google Meet plus an informal chat with a member of our Senior Leaderhsip Team. 

Informal chats will take place during either week commencing 25th January or week commencing 1st February. Times will be confirmed directly with applicants.  To help us get to know your daughter and her interests, we will send a questionnaire to complete in advance.  We'll read this ahead of our chat.  Also, during our chat, we invite your daughter to do a 2 minute presentation.

We are really looking forward to welcoming everyone virtually on the day. Please don't worry about the Entrance Exam: do your best, try hard! 

For more information please contact our admissions secretary, Mrs Jo Blignaut, or you can apply online.

“"Keep calm and do your best!The teachers are really nice."” Current Year 7 Student