FAQs about the Entrance Examination

In this section you will find advice and information about the Entrance Examination day at WGHS.

We have gone some way over the years to dispel the old image of a daunting examination system in darkened halls and row upon row of worried faces.

All girls will sit examination papers in Mathematics, English and Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning. In addition to examinations, the girls will have breaks where we provide refreshments and lunch.

There are a variety of optional activities around the School during lunchtime, arranged by the staff and Prefects.

Do your best, try hard and don't worry! We look forward to welcoming you on the day. 

Please also refer to our guide listed under 'Related Information'. Should you have any further queries, our Admissions Secretary will be able to provide assistance. 

When asked how they found the Entrance Examination day last year, current Year 7 girls offered the following thoughts and advice:

"On the morning of my exam I had mixed emotions of nerves and excitement. It was an action-packed day and not as scary as I thought. I can't imagine myself learning anywhere else!"

"Every teacher on the day was really friendly, supportive and calming" 

"The short breaks and cookies really helped before the next test and the lunch was really yummy" 

"Enjoy revising and don't worry too much"

"Have a good nights sleep so you wake up refreshed" 

"Keep calm and do your best!"

“"Keep calm and do your best!"” Current Year 7 Pupil