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Wakefield Girls’ High School

Academic Staff


Mrs N Gunson 
BSc (Hons) Molecular and Cellular Biology (Huddersfield)
PGCE PCET Science strand (Huddersfield)
MSc Multimedia and E-Learning (Huddersfield)

Senior Leadership Team

Mr D J Eggleston
Deputy Head (Teaching and Learning), Economics and Business Studies
BA (Hons) Social Sciences (Nottingham Trent)
MEd School Leadership and Management (Leeds)
PGCE in Economics

Mrs S Loftus
Deputy Head (Pastoral), English
BA (Hons) English and History (Northumbria)
PGCE in English and Drama

Mrs J A Tingle
Deputy Head (Academic), Physical Education
BEd Physical Education (Leeds)
MSc Leadership and Management (Leeds Met)

Teaching Staff

Mrs J Baldwin - Chemistry, Assistant Head of Year 10 & 11
BSc Chemistry (Newcastle)
PGCE Science with specialise in Chemistry (Leeds)
Mrs K Bentham - Music
BMus (Hons) (Huddersfield)
PGCE Secondary Music (Huddersfield)
Mrs R Besford - English and Drama
BA (Hons) English Language and Enlgish Literature (University of Leeds)
PGCE Secondary (Middlesex)
Mr S Besford -Foundation Director of Drama
BA English Language and Literature (Leeds)
PGCE in English Secondary (Leeds)
Postgraduate Diploma (LAMDA)
Mr B A Carlin -Head of Product Design & Design Technology Co-ordinator
BSc (Hons) Design and Technology Education (Sheffield Hallam)
MSc Leadership and Management (Leeds Met)
Mrs D Cartwright - Biology
Mrs D Clow - Music
Mr D S Collett - Head of Physics
BSc (Hons) Physics (Sheffield)
PGCE in Physics and Mathematics (Leeds)
Mrs E Critch - Head of Year 8 and Head of Textiles
BA Fashion Design (Leeds)
PGCE in Secondary Education (Leeds)
Mr J Cunningham - Key Stage Co-ordinator Mathematics
BSc Geology with Mathematics (Newcastle)
PGCE in Mathematics with Computing (Newcastle)
Mrs D Dabbs - Y7 Science Key Stage Co-ordinator & Chemistry
BSc Chemistry (UMIST)
MA in Education (Open University)
PGCE in Secondary Science (Edge Hill)
Miss K L Dale - Head of Spanish
BA Hons French and Spanish (Durham)
GTP (Wakefield LEA)
Certificate in Social Sciences (Open University)
RSA Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (Leeds International Language Institute)
Miss D Djokovic - Key Stage Co-ordinator (French & Spanish) & Modern Languages
BA and MA in Business Studies/English/German (University of Besancon)
PGCE in Modern Languages (Leeds)
Miss C Dollive - Biology
BSc (Hons) Zoology (Manchester)
PGCE in Science (Huddersfield)
Ms M Doyle - English
BA (Hons) English and Philosophy (University College, Dublin)
Miss E Duckitt - Assistant Head of Year 7 & French and Spanish 
BA (Hons) Modern Languages (Newcastle University) 
PGCE French with Spanish (University of York)
Dr S Duerden Brown - Head of Chemistry
BSc (Hons) Chemistry (Bradford)
PhD Chemistry (Leeds)
PGCE in Secondary Chemistry/Science (Leeds)
Mrs F Dunlop - Head of English
Dr M Durell - Physics
BSc (Hons) Physics (Leicester)
PhD Physics (Leicester)
PGCE in Secondary Science (Huddersfield)
Mrs K Edge - Head of Psychology
BSc Psychology (Hull)
Cert Ed. and Business Studies (Leeds Trinity)
Mr H J Hargreaves - Head of Geography
BSc Geography (Birmingham)
PGCE in Geography (Birmingham)
Mr J Hargreaves -  Head of Classics
BA (Hons) Ancient History and Archaeology (Newcastle)
PGCE in Classics (Cambridge)
Mrs C Heathcote - Key Stage Co-ordinator Mathematics
BSc (Hons) Mathematics and Economics (Keele)
PGCE in Secondary Mathematics (Leeds)
Miss G Holder - Head of Academic PE
BSc Sport and Exercise Science (Loughborough)
PGCE Seconday PE (Exeter)
Mrs S Hotham - Head of French
BA (Hons) French (Leeds)
PGCE in French (Leeds)
Ms K Hunter - Physical Education
Mrs S Jenkins - Mathematics
BSc (Hons) Mathematics (University of York)
PGCE Mathematics (University of Leeds)
Mrs Monica Sharma Kapoor - Chemistry
B.PHARM (University College London) 
PGCE Science with Chemistry (Leeds Trinity)
Mrs J R Keegan-Phipps - Religious Studies, History 
MTheol (Hons) (St. Andrews)
PGCE in Religious Education (Durham)
MA (Open University)​
Dr J Korosi - Head of Biology and Head of Year 12
MBBS (St Thomas's Hospital)
BSc (Hons) Biochemistry (London)
PGCE in Biology and Science (York)
MSB (Member of the Society of Biology)
Mr M Lassey - Head of E-Learning & Computer Science
BA (Hons) Business Technology with Secondary Education (QTS) (Leeds)
MSc Leadership and Management (Leeds Met)
Mrs R Lewry - Geography
BSc (Hons) Geography and Environmental Management (Durham University)
PGCE in Geography (Durham University)
Mrs J Liddy - Biology
BSc (Hons) Microbiology (Cardiff)
PGCE in Science (Sheffield)
Mrs K Lindley - Biology and Head of Year 9
BSc (Hons) Human Genetics (Leeds)
PGCE (Leeds)
Mrs J Lonsdale - Mathematics
BSc (Hons) Agricultural Economics (Newcastle)
PGCE and Diploma in Mathematics (Keele)
Distance Learning Diploma in ICT (Aberdeen and Dundee)
Mrs E Maher - Design Technology
BSc (Hons) Textile and Knitwear Technology Management (De Montfort)
PGCE in Home Economics (Northumbria)
Dr L McNamara - English
BA (Hons) English (Lancaster)
MA English (Lancaster)
PhD English (Royal Holloway)
PGCE in Education (Leeds)
PDip in Education (Kingston)
Mrs J Megson - English
BA (Hons) English with Related Studies (Bretton Hall)
PGCE in Secondary English and TESOL (Leeds)
PG Certificate in Educational Studies (Leeds)
Mr N Meredith - Director of Music
BA Music (Cambridge)
GTP (Bradford)
MMus (Leeds)
Miss H Mitchell - Art and Design
BA (Hons) Textiles (Leeds College of Art)
Mrs J Newell - Geography/History
Mrs D V North-Clarke - Physical Education and Head of Year 10 & 11
BSc (Hons) Sports Science (Brunel)
PGCE in Secondary Physical Education (Reading)
Mrs S Oldale - Assistant Head of Year 10 & 11 and Head of Food Technology
B of Ed. Home Economics (Ireland)
MSc Public Health Promotion (Leeds Met)
Mrs A Oliver - Head of Careers & Classics
BA (Hons) Latin (University of Leeds)
Mr S Paget - Head of Computer Science
BA (Hons) Radio, Film and Television Studies and Science (Kent)
PGCE in ICT (Sheffield Hallam)
Mrs N PhillipsDesign Technology, Head of PSHE & Charities Co-ordinator
BA (Hons) Fashion and Clothing (Leeds)
PGCE in Secondary Teaching Design and Technology (Sheffield Hallam)​
Miss J E Pick - Head of MFL & Head of German
BA (Hons) German and French (Durham)
PGCE in TEFL and Modern Languages (Birmingham)
Mrs A Potts - History
BA (Hons) History/Russian (Birmingham)
Mrs F D Preston - Music and Head of Sixth Form and Year 13
BMus (Hons) (Sheffield)
PGCE in Music and English (Sheffield Polytechnic)
LTCL (Trinity College of Music)
Mrs M Quinn - Physical Education
Mrs J L Rees - Mathematics and Head of Year 7
BSc (Hons) Pure Mathematics
PGCE in Mathematics (Swansea)
Mrs C Richards - Latin, Classics & Greek
BA (Hons) Latin and Greek (Newcastle)
PGCE in Classical Language (London)
Mrs K F Robinson - Director of Physical Education
BA (Hons) Physical Education with QTS (Leeds Met)
Mrs M Royle - Art & Design
BA (Hons) Humanities (Middlesex)
PGCE (Liverpool Institute of Education) 
Mr A Shaw - Head of History
BA (Hons) History (Leeds)
PGCE in History and English (Leeds)
Mr J Shaw - English
MA (Hons) English Language and Literature (Newcastle)
PGCE in English with Drama (Newcastle)
Mr O Shaw History
BA (Hons) History (Sheffield)
PGCE in Secondary History (Sheffield)
Mr D Sheehan - Head of Religious Studies & Learning Enrichment Co-ordinator
BA (Hons) Theology and Religious Studies (University of Leeds)
GTP - (University College Lincoln) ​
Mrs E Shellard - Mathematics
BSc (Hons) Mathematics - York University
PGCE in Mathematics - York University
Mrs K Stothard- Geography
BSc (Hons) Geography, PE and Sports Science (Loughborough)
PGCE (Exeter)
Mrs E Taylor - Learning Support
BA English and Drama (Lancaster)
PGCE in English and Drama (Bretton Hall)
Mrs S L Taylor - Head of Mathematics
BSc Maths and Management (Loughborough)
PGCE in Secondary Maths (Warwick)
Mrs K Varley - Head of Art & Design
Mrs D Walker- French & Spanish
BA (Hons) French (Leeds)
PGCE in French and Spanish (Leeds)
Mr M R Wilson - Physics
BSc (Hons) Physics and Astronomy (Liverpool)
PGCE in Secondary Science (Huddersfield)
Mrs J Yeomans - Key Stage Co-ordinator &Biology
BSc (Hons) Biochemistry and Physiology (Leeds)
PGCE in Biology (Leeds)
Mrs E Young - Head of Learning Support
BA (Hons) French (King's College London)
PGCE (French/English) (Leeds University)
PG Certificate in Dyslexia and Literacy (Middlesex University)