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Harvest Festival Celebrations

Yesterday morning the whole school and Nursery took the short walk over the St. John's Church for the annual Harvest Festival of Giving.

Everyone walked into church to beautiful musical pieces performed by some of our musicians. Mrs Edwards welcome everyone before inviting Nursery to sing their Harvest Song, which was to the tune of the 'Baby Shark' song! The children performed their song twice, on the second round the whole school helped the Nursery give it some real gusto!

Reverend Buchanan told a modern version of 'The Good Samaritan' and asked everyone to think about how to be a good neighbour. She explained the importance of donating to those who are less fortunate and how wonderful it was to see so much food lined up ready to go to St. Catherine's Church Food Bank.

The school sang (and danced!) 'Thank Your Lucky Stars' together, before Reverend Buchanan led prayers of thanks.

Before Mrs Edwards thanked everyone for their donations and for sitting so well through the service, the Mulberry Singers filled the church with their beautiful rendition of 'The Moon'. The children led out into the sunshing singing 'Thank Your Lucky Stars' again, which was a beautiful way to end the lovely annual Harvest Festival.

A huge thank you to everyone who has donated so generously to this fantastic cause.

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