Eco Club and the importance of renewable energy

Our girls take part in a vast array of extra-curricular activities, helping them to develop their confidence, make new friends and learn new skills. Eco Club is just one of the clubs we offer and is run by Mrs Stringer, Mrs Wimbush and our Eco Committee, which includes 10 girls from Years 3 to 6. Girls wanting to be on the Eco Committee have to apply for the position, before telling their class why they would be a good Eco Monitor. The girls really enjoy the process.

Our Eco Committee get involved in lots of exciting projects – from planting flowers and vegetables in our Eco Garden, to tidying up litter in and around our playgrounds.

This week the Eco Committee had a very important meeting with Mr Speight, who works for Orsted, a Danish renewable energy organisation that builds offshore wind farms. Orsted is the largest energy company in Denmark and they aspire to be a company that provides real, tangible solutions to one of the world’s most difficult and urgent problems. Their vision is a world that runs entirely on green energy.

Mr Speight talked to the girls about traditional sources of energy and the problem of global warming, before explaining about sources of clean energy. He talked to the girls about how wind farms are built and how the energy is made.

The girls had a great time learning about renewable energy and Mr Speight very generously gave the school some books entitled ‘Is this my home?’, which gives the very important message to ‘Love your home’.