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Easter Bonnet Competition

Yesterday, all the girls in Rec - Y6 and the children in Nursery came into school looking a little different to usual. Everyone had been very busy making beautiful Easter bonnets!

There had clearly been some very busy parents over the last few weeks, as all the children's bonnets were very impressive! Some bonnets were even edible!

In the morning, everyone came together in Hartley Pavilion for a parade, before the winners of each year group were chosen.

The winners were as follows:

Kasper Bevan (Nursery)
Sophia Muckemhuber (R)
Elizabeth Bowett (R)
Evie Walton (1AR)
Jessica Darby (1KT)
Lily Kitson (2W)
Riya Bhaget (2GH)
Lucy Pesterfield (3GB)
Kaitlyn Fernandez (3JC)
Eleanor Bridgman (3VH)
Abbi Riddiough (4EB)
Gabriella Vickers (4CG)
Bella Boswell (4SS)
Maya Langley (5TP)
Olivia Kelly (5LR)
Lilly-Anna Thorpe (5APW)
Milly Wood (6JB)
Ruby Kirton (6HJ)
Isabelle Whittaker (6AMW)

​Have a look at the gallery here.