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Circusology warmly welcomed back to Mulberry House

Plate spinning, diabolo, stilt walking and scarf juggling – Mulberry House girls were delighted to welcome Alex Pletscher (Founder of Circusology) back for another fun and hands-on Workshop.

The day began with an entertaining assembly performance by workshop leader Alex who introduced the skills and equipment that the girls would be using during their workshop.

Alex gave an interactive performance which inspired the girls (and staff!) to engage in the day’s activities.

Each year group then enjoyed their own workshop, where they had the opportunity to reacquaint themselves with equipment they had played with last year, as well as enjoying the opportunity to develop new circus skills!

One of Alex’s key messages to the girls was about persevering when faced with a difficult task (like mastering the diabolo) and getting girls to enjoy rising to unfamiliar challenges.

Each girl thoroughly enjoyed their session and left feeling a sense of achievement, and in many cases determination to improve their circus skills!

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