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Animal Intuition Visit

Animal Theme Week for Year 1 and Year 2 began with a visit from Animal Intuition.

Year 1 had a very enjoyable animal themed week. They started the week with a visit from Animals Intuition. The ferret caused them great excitement trying to guess which way he would come out of the tunnel!
They have found out about hibernation, habitats and animals they might find in the rainforest and even made up their own animals.
On Monday they had a fantastic trip to The Yorkshire Wildlife Park and kept going even in the pouring rain!

In Year 2 the girls have been learning about how to look after animals and why some are endangered and how humans can help them.
They have been making bird feeders and have a recipe to make a seed ball to help the wildlife.
They have been finding out which countries the animals have come from and how humans many have caused them to become endangered. They have researched animal charities like the RSPCA to see what can be done to help these animals.

Well done to all the girls! They have thoroughly enjoyed baking and eating animal shaped biscuits.

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