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Y5 Castle Head Trip 2017

Update 3: Thursday 8th June

We started the day bright eyed and bushy tailed after a peaceful nights sleep. Breakfast was a feast, which set us up nicely for our activities this morning off site. 5LR & 5APW headed to Bardsea for a coastal walk exploring sea defences, whilst 5TP set off to Humphrey Head for the sea Level traverse. The classes then alternate this afternoon. Due to the weather being forecast for rain, rain and more rain,  plans were put in place to return to the centre in between for lunch and an opportunity to warm up and dry off, but in the end the weather cleared much sooner than expected. The rain stopped around 11am and, as we eat our indoor lunch, sun is now trying to break through...fingers crossed.

The sea level travers was great fun! The girls extended their geographical knowledge of the coasts, the tides and the local rock formations whilst navigating their way around the headland cliff. It was essential the girls worked as a team as they guided and helped each other along and over the boulders. Some found it challenging but they persevered.

Light relief came in the marshes. There was much slipping, sliding and hilarity in the sticky mud. Footwear went AWOL but no wellie was left behind!

Update 2: Wednesday 7th June (Evening)

Wow! We have had a fantastic first day. A delicious dinner of pork loin, frittata or stuffed mushroom followed by the centres legendary sticky toffee pudding was much appreciated after an extremely busy first day. Mrs Mellor raft building team enjoyed their meal all the more with the sweet taste of victory while Miss Fear's team had to stomach coming last! Competitive as it was the end the result didn't really matter when the girls had such a fantastic time.

Ellie Tingle said "It was really fun because you had to paddle yourself and avoid hitting the bank" While Adn Ashhad said "I really enjoyed the cooperative aspect, working together with my friends"

Dinner was followed by more activities; obstacle course, spider hunting and the crate challenge. Aimee Smith And Aisha Ragu equalled the previous best of 10 crates high... well done girls! Raisin Daly said "I loved the feeling of being suspended in mid-air when they lowered me on the rope!"

After hot chocolate and cake the girls seemed eager to get a good nights sleep... we're hopeful that they will!

Update 1: Wednesday 7th June

We arrived at the centre shortly after 11.30 and received a warm welcome from both staff and weather! After a quick tour, fire practice and a sneaky peak at rooms we were able to enjoy a picnic lunch sat outside by the river and enjoyed the wonderful views.

With no time to waste we were on to our first activities; raft building, nightline or the crate challenge!

Raft building has been a competitive affair so far with 3 groups all desperately trying to create the greatest floating vessel ever on which to out-canoe their opponents. The build process has been challenging at times but the girls have shown much resilience in problem solving and have worked together as a team. The winners are yet to be decided so be sure to catch the blog later this evening for the result!

Crate building has also tested the girls. But once again they have worked superbly as a team to help the participants reach the greatest height possible. At last check Grace Gooder and Emmy Van were top of the leaderboard with 10 crates!... can this be beaten?

Tune in later to find out!

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