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Tuesday Club

This week's Tuesday Club saw chairman Gautam Mahapatra hand over the reigns to Thomas Butterfield, after his last talk in his school career.

Tuesday Club is a weekly society, founded by Jack Hodkinson, in which students deliver lectures on literally any topic that interests them.

Today saw Gautam Mahapatra’s last talk after two years of running the society, in which he handed his mantle over to Thomas Butterfield.

Since its conception, it has been a way in which pupils have a platform for discussing and debating subjects with like-minded individuals. Running on Friday Lunchtimes, usually around thirty to forty students meet to drink tea, coffee and tune in to whatever the speaker wishes to speak about. Talks have been delivered about anything from the implications of Trump’s presidency, down to the exploration of mathematical series like the Aleph Numbers, covering humanities, the arts, together with maths and the sciences. It has truly been a primary driver of academic exploration at QEGS Wakefield and is an integral part of school life today.

A personal message from Gautam Mahapatra:

I have been a speaker at the Polymath Society, a similar club which has since merged with the Tuesday Club, since I was in Year 8, and I am truly grateful for everyone who has taken the time to come and watch me speak, as well as to all who have taught me incredible things in their own lectures. It has been essential in shaping the person I am today, and has allowed me to be part of an unbelievable community which has both motivated and inspired me. The society will always form some of my fondest memories at QEGS, and will undoubtedly affect much of what I do in the future - I am truly humbled to have been part of it.