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Y1 History of Chocolate topic

This term, Year 1 have been studying 'The History of Chocolate' as their topic.

The boys have been doing various activities as part of this term's topic, a few weeks ago they had a chocolate workshop. This week, the boys had a visit from a member of the Leeds Development Centre. She spoke all about the life of a cocoa farmer and how Fairtrade companies work as a co-operative. The boys thoroughly enjoyed the hands on workshop - with three of the boys even climbing into a cocoa bean sack! The boys had to exchange beans for money and soon realised that if they worked as a team, they earned more money. Year 1 learned that the symbols on a bar of Divine chocolate represent Fair Trade ethos.

Yesterday, to bring their chocolate topic to a close, the boys had a carnival! Everyone made a hat for the carnival, with brightly coloured feathers. Mr Renshaw did an instrumental workshop with the boys and taught them a very upbeat song to get them in the mood for some dancing! Mrs Dyson then taught the boys some 'moves' and, by the looks of it, they thoroughly enjoyed letting off some steam!

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