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WWI Week: Peace Process

What a week learning all about WWI and the Peace Process.

This week, the boys have been concentrating on our WW1 theme to commemorate and celebrate the centenary of the ending of the First World War (1914 to 1918). Each class has been reading one of the beautifully illustrated books written by Hilary Robinson and have based their literacy work on this and poetry from the war. The boys have been writing their own poems and acrostic poems, writing letters home from the trenches, following the recipe to bake trench cake (which the boys loved eating afterwards) and writing descriptive pieces about life on the front line. They have all made a poppy to display in the library as well as contributing to a whole school poppy mosaic made from pebbles.

Every boy took part in a workshop led by time-travelling Lizzie, a widow, who had mixed feelings about the war. On one hand, it had provided her with a well-paid job in the munitions factory. On the other, her son Tom was serving in the trenches, like many of her friends and neighbours, she was living in constant fear of receiving a telegram (with bad news).
Lizzie shared her experiences with the boys through the use of drama, games and songs, and we finished the day with an assembly during which the boys had the chance to ask Lizzie questions. The questions asked were amazing – the boys were very sensible and showed lots of empathy towards the character of Lizzie.

The boys were joined by Leeds Museum to take part in their peace exhibition to create symbols of peace for them to display in Brodrick Hall in the museum.
A small group of boys helped create a wreath to be used in the display. The boys each cut out a leaf to be part of the wreath and drew their symbol of peace and rememberance to the war. They used the QEGS logo to remember all those who fought in the Wars. Peace doves were created by the boys drawing round their hands and cut out to also be part of the Leeds Museum exhibition.

They had sessions looking at old artefacts that they could examine and discuss within their groups to talk about the relevance each object had within the war. They had original song sheets, a war medal, a World War pot and a peace dove. It is interesting for the boys to visualise objects from the war as it can spark more questions and discussion between the class.

It has been a busy week remembering all those who were involved in WWI and the boys have really taken part to learn and ask as many questions as possible.

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