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WW1 Week: CH Baking Trench Cake

The Trench Cake was sent to the soldiers serving on the front line during WWI to give them a sense of home and comfort food.

The Trench Cake is a fruitcake without eggs as they were rationed and they had to create an alternative to help bind the ingredients and to help it rise.
The recipe uses Vinegar and baking soda to allow the cake to rise! The cake was created to last the long journey to the front line and to keep its shape whilst it was passed down the trenches to all the soldiers.

The boys today recreated the Trench cake, following the same recipe used during the War and still putting in vinegar and baking soda- they also remembered using those two ingredients for the volcano eruption in Reception! Thankfully there were no cake explosions as they added milk to calm the ingredients. The boys enjoyed working in groups to create their own cakes and they followed the instructions very well.

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