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Visiting CH: Author Eleanor McKone

A very exciting morning at Centenary House as the boys welcomed Author Eleanor Mckone with her new book Piper's Passport- First Stop Australia.

Eleanor has based the books on her own adventures and travels to be able to write such descriptive and educational stories about lots of different places. The boys sat silently while they were taken on a great adventure with Piper and her travels- it was a brilliant trip to Australia and the boys did not even need to go on the long flight to be there.

After the story, the boys complimented how much they enjoyed the adventure. It was great to hear the boys asking brilliant questions about- the illustration, why Eleanor decided to write the story and discussed all the different animals that were in Australia.

The Y2 boys had created fact sheets about what they had researched about Australia and they were keen to talk to Eleanor about what they had found out and to ask her about more information on what Australia is like.

Thank you very much for reading your book and many of the boys purchased a signed copy to take home.
We can't wait to read more about Piper’s Passport adventure.

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