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Simon Weston visits QEGS!

On Monday morning, we were very lucky to be visited by Falklands War hero Simon Weston CBE - boys from Year 2 to Year 6 gathered in the hall to hear from our special guest.

Simon Weston, who is perhaps the most well-known war veteran from the Falklands, spoke to the boys about his experiences in the war and his life after his injuries. He told the boys his inspirational story, encouraged them to work hard, and even ignited some Welsh/English rugby rivalry!

After joining the army at sixteen, Simon left school and his home in Wales to travel to Berlin, Kenya and Northern Ireland with the Welsh Guard Regiment. When Simon returned he was sent to the Falklands in the second wave of 4,000 men to defend the Islands. Tragically, after the ship, the RFA Sir Galahad was targeted whilst they were on the Falklands coast 48 men were left dead and 97 were injured – including Simon.

As a result he suffered 46% burns and had to spend a subsequent 5 years in hospital rehabilitating all at the age of just twenty. Once an eighteen stone rugby player, Simon’s injuries meant he was a mere eight stone 3 weeks after the bombing. However, Simon battled on putting his success in recovery down to his family’s attitude towards him once he returned home. Particularly his mother who asked him upon seeing him home for the first time after his injuries ‘where do we go from here because the world doesn’t owe you a living’. This tough love made Simon fight for his life in those initial few months and then go onto inspire so many others.

There is plenty to learn from Simon’s attitude with him telling the boys to always work hard and take advantage of the support by friends, family and school.

QEGS boys can certainly take a lot from Simon and his achievements and bravery so thank you for visiting us you a certainly a QEGS hero!

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