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Science week in Junior School!

This week was the much anticipated science week in Junior School and Centenary House.

Boys have been taking part in all different kinds of activities throughout the week in school and outside of school with trips to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park for our Y4s and National Space Centre for those in Y5!

At the beginning of the week we began with an Inter House science competition seeing who could create the best marble run with eight boys from each year group working together. On Wednesday we had a 'Mini Einsteins' show which was full of experiments with some boys even taking to the stage and joining in.

The biggest show however was saved until the end of the week where we were visited by an eagle, owls and a kestrel. Not only did the boys get to learn all about different types of birds but they were able to hold them and duck underneath them as they flew! You can read more here.

To see pictures of the boys during science week click here.