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Science Week: Falconry Display!

As part of science week 'Hawks of Steele' came into school.

The boys were able to learn all about the birds brought in and were even able to hold some of them!

There was a kestrel, an owl, and even a golden eagle to hold and learn about. The boys were taught how an owl cannot in fact turn its head all the way around and that the grip of some of the birds was eight times that of our own.

After talking about the animals and holding them it was time to see them in action. Boys took to the playing fields to see the birds fly up to the trees and back and over their heads! Teachers even took part with Mrs Spawforth holding the eagle and Mr Renshaw and Mr Cook standing perfectly still to allow the bird to fly through.

It was amazing to see these animals up close and in flight - thank you Hawks of Steele for visiting us!

View the gallery here.