Plas-y-Brenin 2018 Blog

The Year 5 boys have quickly settled in to their surroundings at Plas-y-Brenin in Wales. Each day the boys write a blog to keep everyone up to date with what they've been doing!

Day 1

The journey to Wales began with a long journey on an enormous bus, luckily Mr Cook had his favourite movie, Johnny English, to save us from boredom.

After a quick snack stop at Chester services we got back on the road before finally arriving at Plas-y-Brenin to start our activities.

We got into groups and took part in climbing, orienteering, low ropes and abseiling. These activities made us work hard as a team and try to complete things all together. It’s safe to say we started off badly but soon learnt to communicate better and work together to get the job done.

By Harry

After the activities we found out what room we were in. The rooms are great and we even have a TV! We dropped off our bags we went down to have some dinner in the hall. Mr Tiffany taught us about table manners and how to clear our table when there is a big group of us. In the evening we went into the leisure room to do a quiz after the quiz, which two teams won!

Finally, we went up to our rooms, unpacked, did our teeth and went to sleep. What a tiring day!

Day 1 complete!

By Daniel & Shalom

Day 2

Today, was all about weaselling and gorge walking. We started the day with cereal and a big full English breakfast. Dowdy had 4 sausages!

At the weaselling we had a very fun time crawling through small rocks, we squeezed through a really small gap that you had to go down head first. In the gorge walking we walked through the water and at the start it was orange because of the mines. Further on the gorge walk we went to a ‘washing machine’ where they washed crocodiles! Soon the sun started shining on the water then the rocks got slippery, we had an option of walking in the water or walking on the pathway. Some people carried on on the rocks and they got slippery further on at the end. It was like being on ice!

Back to the centre for food and a talk from one of the instructors about his adventures!

By Om & Max

Day 3

Today we went canoeing and rock climbing. We learned to canoe by paddling 3 paddles. We played a game together with rubber ducks, all of us had to collect as many as we could by paddling to the rubber ducks and we managed to collected 2. All of us played canoe basketball, we had to paddle to the ball and shoot it into the canoe of the instructor. Next we went rock climbing, we got out of the mini buses and straight away we got into action. We walked all the way up to the rock climbing wall. It was really fun, there was four different courses easy, intermediate, hard and expert. First, I went to the easy course I nearly got to the top but I just fell. Timi made it to the top, turns out he is a really good climber. Straight away I went to the expert course, it was very difficult but Daniel made it to the top.

So that was the last full day we have at Plas y Brenin, thats a shame, I’m going to miss the food!

By Lu’ay and Lucas

Day 4

For the final day we did orienteering. We learnt how to read maps and find objects on the map and around the centre. First we were given a map, a sheet of pictures and a answer sheet. We had to go and find the area and match it with the sheet of pictures that we were given. Soon after we had a competition of who could find the most squares, they were half red and half white and they had a number and a letter and we had to write it on our answer sheet. We had 30 minutes to find all the objects, the group with the most right would win. We started in the meeting room, ready to go, then the instructor set us off. Everyone was running around everywhere trying to win, all in different directions searching for the picture they needed.

After orienteering we had to pack up and get on the coach. We said goodbye to the instructors and Beau lead the 3 cheers for them. What a week it has been!

By Sabeel and Ayaan