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Morning Surgery in Reception!

Reception boys have been very lucky to host not one, but two visitors in two days!

Over the last couple of weeks the boys have been learning all about ways to look after themselves. Discussions have included how to keep fit by doing exercise and what foods to eat to stay nice and healthy! The doctors surgery in the role play area has really helped the boys get into character!

On Friday, Dr Rebecca came to talk to the boys in more detail. She even brought some of her special doctor instruments along with her! The class took it in turns to use the otoscope, the stethoscope and looked at a model of the lungs to see how they work. Everyone was very excited to tell Dr Rebecca their ideas on how to stay fit, with one boy even doing a demonstration of how to do a press up - not what you may expect from a 4 year old!

This morning, Katy Matron popped over to tell everyone about how she looks after all the QEGS boys! The class talked about washing hands thoroughly to get rid of germs and guessed at what the instruments might be that Katy Matron had kindly brought in. There were tweezers for splinters, a funny looking torch called an ophthalmoscope which looks into patient's eyes (it doesn't attached heads to bodies as one boy suggested!) and even something that measures blood pressure called a sphygmomanometer! We think this will probably be the biggest word the boys learn all year!

Even Maths has been linked to topic work and the boys were challenged to make a number from teeny tiny bones!

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