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Jason Robinson inspires boys to develop rugby skill set

This afternoon former Rugby League and Union player Jason Robinson OBE spoke to Years 5 & 6 and the 1st XV Rugby team.

Playing for England in the 2003 World Cup Final against Australia and scoring a memorable try to take the team to victory, Jason brought his experiences to life and captured the attention of all the boys. Jason helped the boys to see that their mental strength is a major ability to work on alongside their physical attributes to lead them to thrive. They should show how they are different and unique to be able to succeed in any position within any game and take their strong mentality to both home and away games.

For each game running up to the World Cup Final- The coach, Clive Woodward would tell the team before each match to “Go out and express yourself!” This is definitely something our boys will take on board and develop as they grow through their rugby career. He made a valuable point to remind the boys while training and playing to support each other through losses and the victories. This is something our boys will pride themselves on to help their fellow team players.

He informed the boys that learning from their mistakes on the field was one of the most important factors that helped him succeed and develop faster and better than peers. To focus on your own skill set and what can be improved rather than trying to be the same as everyone else is what will get you to stand out and be unique against the other rugby players.

Big thank you to Mr Bevils for helping to arrange the visit and to Jason for giving up his valuable time.