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Forest School with 4D

The focus for this forest school session was communication and teamwork.

The boys worked in small teams to create different human sculptures- they created an elephant, a rope knot, a person on a motorbike and they chose their own forest animal for the teachers to guess. This was using their team work skills as they only had a few minutes to organise themselves and get into position using lots of innovative and creative ways to show the sculpture.

They then got into pairs with someone they may not always choose to collect items around the Owl's Den to create a picture of a forest animal. This would be a simple task however, one of the boys was blindfolded and his partner had to communicate clearly to make sure the item was put in the right place.

The boys were very supportive, giving their partner who was blindfolded complements and encouragement, as it is very difficult to do something blindfolded. Each pair had a turn being blindfolded and they created some brilliant forest animals, we had: an owl, a fox, spiders and many more. After the activity the boys discussed how they felt after recieving the compliment from their friend and it really helped them to stay calm and feel confident and trusted their partner to create the picture.

The day was finished with a lovely hot chocolate.

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