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A World War I Soldier

Nathan's Great Grandad- Arthur Creighton Edwards was a soldier in the 2nd Battalion Kings Royal Rifles Corps.

He enlisted in 1904 aged only 19 and served in WWI in the trenches. He was injured with shrapnel in his leg when he was rescuing one of his fellow comrades who had been injured on the frontline. Arthur refused to have his leg amputated which resulted with him having a stiff leg for the rest of his days. He was discharged from his post on the 31.01.1916 after being wounded in battle.

Arthur moved to live in Wakefield with his wife Mary and their 12 children. Some of these 12 children attended QEGS which is a great honour and heritage for us to have this great story and to still have his family attending CH.

In the picture you can see the tin box from 1914 which contains a number of medals Arthur was awarded for his time in the Kings Royal Rifel Corps and for his role in the First World War.

A brilliant story to have for our WWI Week and a true hero for his family and the school.